It should be noted that Kolonaki is the high-street residential arena located within the city of Athens and is a premier shopping destination bounded by the Lycabettus hills. The traditional Athenian aristocracy is based here. Kolonaki is the place where you get to see all kinds of western and eastern pricey restaurants, very expensive boutiques and premier art galleries. Kolonaki has at least one store from the most luxury brands and they tag along with the latest trends in fashion. You will get to see a Greek celebrity sipping a coffee inside an expensive restaurant when you visit the city of Kolonaki at any time. Kolonaki is considered to be among the most expensive cities to live within the whole world.

Kolonaki is filled with crowded streets. It would be the ideal place for you to do some window shopping and enjoy a premier cup of tea at one of those expensive restaurants.

It is quite interesting to know the logic behind the name of this neighborhood. Kolonaki in Greek gives the meaning of a Little column wand that is exactly why they have named this area in such a way. The name is based on a small ancient column which is surrounded within a square.

If you want to walk along a high-end shopping route, then you got to walk through Skoufa till you meet the junction crossing the Voukourestiou Street. This street is flooded with some high-end clothing and accessory stores including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes and Dior. This street is popular for excusive jewelry shopping as well. They have a range of high class and high quality jewelry made to latest designs.

Kolonaki never disappoints you. Kolonaki never sleeps and people really love it. Most of the travel enthusiasts around the world include a visit to Kolonaki within their bucket list. Kolonaki is all about shopping. The city will provide garment and accessory solution from your head to the toe with some exclusive brands and handmade country specials.